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HC states: Extramarital Affairs is one of the Highest reasons for Divorce, has devastating results

January 12,2018:

HC stated that,”Infidelity can occur even in strongest of the marital relationship. An extramarital challenges sanctity and strength of a relationship, causing turmoil in the personal and social world of people”.


Gujarat HC has expounded that,”Adultery undermines a relationship’s foundation and is one of the main reasons of a relationship crisis around the world”.

Justice JB Pardiwala further enunciated that,“The extramarital affairs are increasing in number. This is one of the highest reasons for divorce. The extramarital affair has devastating results”.

The HC Judge made the above stated observations while hearing a petition by a husband seeking to quash the FIR against him and his parents under the Domestic Violence Act. But, Court refused to quash the FIR.

While referring to the pleading and circumstances surrounding the dispute “It appears that husband, his wife and their two children were one happy family until one another lady by name ‘X’ came in life of the husband.”

Justice Pardiwala further added that effects of the extramarital affairs are devastating and victims may take long to get over the misery.

The Court observed that the worst thing with the extramarital affairs is that they usually ruin the life of a person who did nothing wrong, like the children in the present case.

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