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Govt Launches KhoyaPaya, A Web Portal For Missing Children

May,31,2015: With 11 children disappearing every hour in the country, the government will on June 2 roll out a web platform for people to directly report, track and upload information on missing children.


The web portal will be launched by the Women and Child Development Ministry. It will serve as a platform for people to not only report a missing child but also track the efforts towards his or her recovery.

The website, www.khoyapaya.gov.in, will answer all queries as to what action is to be taken when a child goes missing.

A joint initiative of the WCD Ministry and the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, the website will have three sections – ‘My child is missing’, ‘I have sighted a child’ and ‘Search a missing child’.

The website will also provide links to court orders wherein police have been mandated to register an FIR in the matter of a child gone missing and treat it as either abduction or trafficking unless it is proved otherwise in the investigation.

“There is always a lack of information as to what can be done when a person loses a child. Since police play a very important role, the website will assist them in taking better help of police,” said a ministry official.

How Does KhoyaPaya Work?

The first thing that portal needs is registration, be it to raise a complaint or to even browse through missing children database. You need to give your mobile number, which is mandatory.

Once you have registered with the portal, you can directly login by entering the OTP (One Time Password) sent to your mobile number. After logging in, you can either raise a missing child complaint through the given online forms given. The form offers users to fill in complete details of the missing child.

My CHild is missing

If you have logged into KhoyaPaya because you have sighted a child, or you have some information of a missing child, you can again provide information of the missing child through a simple form given. Alternatively, you can browse or search through the missing children database.

Missing Children DB

The portal also provides a dashboard that gives you a graphical view of number of total missing children and number of sightings of missing children that have happened.

KhoyaPaya dashboard

The good part about the portal is that, it is human moderated. So, only legitimate reports will be published online after verification.

The portal will surely come as a great news to people who have missing children situation, because till now they did not have centralized platform that was easily accessible to all. Now that the Government of India has launched this portal, they need to do marketing campaigns to popularize, so people get aware.

Overall, definitely a great initiative. Make sure you share it with your friends so the word spreads around to help popularize the platform.


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