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Gang Rape survivor threatens to sue Salman Khan for Rs 10 Crore as Damages


Victim claims him to be solely responsible for her mental and psychological trauma and degradation.

Salman Khan commits a blunder
Salman Khan commits a blunder

A gangrape survivor from Hisar  has served a Rs 10-crore damage notice on Salman Khan asking him to simultaneously tender a public apology over his much criticized remarks about rape victims.

Legal notice was sent to Actor’s West Mumbai’s Bandra address.

Just last week, he had made a remark about to rape victims during a show. The damning remarks had gone viral on social media, TV and print. Salman had even clarified the remark later and tendered his apology.

Agrieved Victim had fallen prey to a group of 10 Anti Socials who had kidnapped and raped her in Hisar around four years ago. After this incident, the victim’s father had also committed suicide.

During the Trial Four out of 10 accused have been sentenced with life imprisonment. While the victim has petitioned the Punjab and Haryana High Court for seeking death penalty for them.

The legal notice read that due to the statement made by Salman on of the rape victims-like feelings in the print media and social media, the Victim Girl is passing through very troublesome period of great psychological trauma by heart and mind.

It held Salman solely responsible for her mental and psychological degradation and she had to undergo  psychiatrist counselling.

The Notice writes that Actor’s statement dated 21-06-2016 is not only wrong, illegal but is also against the spirit of Constitution of India.
The rape survivor is now part of an NGO working specifically for the rehabilitation of rape survivors. She intends to take this fight to a logical end.
She objects as to how such a prominent personality use such words. Everyone know the pains and sufferings of rape survivor as she looses everything.
The Victim here lost her father and I is yet to come to the terms of trauma she had gone through.
The survivor questioned as to how could the Actor can take such things so lightly that end up making a rape victim a laughing stock ?”.
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