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Former Gujarat HC Judge questions independence of Judiciary, talks of ‘Judicial Terrorism’


Terrorism in Country is not by Terrorists alone but also by Judicial Terrorism


Justice (Retd) Behram Jahanbux Sethna, Former Gujarat High Court judge has stated that Terrorism was not just perpetrated by Terrorists alone, but also in the Judiciary of the Country.

Justice Sethna had hit the headlines in January 2004, after the two-judge bench which he headed upheld the judgment of the Vadodara fast-track court, acquitting all the 21 accused in the Best Bakery case.

It was the case in which 14 people were burnt alive during the post-Godhra 2002 riots.

But the Supreme Court of India rejecting his judgment, ordered a fresh trial by a Special Court in Mumbai, and the accused were finally punished.

Justice Sehna referring to reversal of his judgment by Supreme Court in the Best Bakery case stated that, “Terrorism is not only done by terrorists, but there is judicial terrorism also.

He further added that, in the Best Bakery case, the “Principal of Fraternity” was not applied by the Apex Court, which in its judgment stated that it was “an exceptional case”.

“Why was it an exceptional case? Was there any kind of pressure from Government or were there any other reasons?” stated Justice Sethna.

He expressed that it was highly unfortunate that so many police officers, who were eliminating terrorists, became “victims of the terrorism”.

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