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Faculty of Law, Delhi University announces 100 positions for Teaching Faculty

June,18,2015: Faculty of Law, University of Delhi has invited applications for appointment as Full-Time Assistant Professors (Ad hoc) and also for empanelment as Guest Faculty (for the academic year 2015-16).

Delhi University
Delhi University

The advertisement dated 9th June 2015, has announced 100 positions for Full-Time Assistant Professors (Ad hoc), the number of positions will be subject to the approval of the Competent Authority and the approved number may be lesser than 100. The advertisement further announces some additional vacancies for empanelment as guest faculty for the academic year 2015-16.

The qualifications for both the categories of vacancies [i.e. Full-Time Assistant Professors (Ad hoc) and for Guest/Visiting Faculty] are almost the same, as mentioned below.

For full time Assistant Professors:

Good academic record with at least 55% marks or an equivalent grade of B in the 7 point scale with letter Grades O, A, B, C, D, E & F at the Master’s Degree level in Law from an Indian University or an equivalent degree from a foreign university [50% for candidates belonging to SC/ST or those who passed their Master’s degree prior to 19.09.1991 and hold a Ph.D. degree].
Cleared the National Eligibility Test (NET) for lecturers conducted by the UGC, CSIR or similar test accredited by the UGC or as prescribed by the Rules of University of Delhi.

For Empanelment of Guest Faculty:

The qualification for Guest / Part time teachers should be same as those prescribed for the regular teachers of University in UGC regulations.
Practicing advocates with minimum 5 years experience may also be empanelled as visiting / guest faculty even if they have not cleared NET.

Thus, a special provision has been made for the eligibility for Guest/Visiting Faculty, wherein, persons practising as Advocate for a period of minimum 5 years are also eligible to apply for empanelment as Guest Faculty, even if they have not cleared NET.

Last Date of receipt of Application: 26th June 2015.

Date and time for interview: Will be notified later.

No. of proposed positions:

Full-Time Assistant Professors (Ad hoc): 100 (subject to approval by competent authority).

Guest Faculty: Not specified.

Applications may be submitted through the prescribed application forms available on the University of Delhi website along with self-attested copies of all relevant documents mentioned in the application form.

Law Faculty, DU Posts
Law Faculty, DU Posts

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  1. wow, reading these asrnews is really alarming. before i even clicked through I was solidly decided on #1.I am a young grad student so take this with a grain of salt, but I’ve seen way too many scientists that have work, work, and only work in their lives, and I’m early enough in my career to try and avoid that if I can help it. I worked in a boring-ass little town for a while, and the scientists there worked all day every day every weekend because it was the only thing to do and the only place they had friends or anyone with whom they shared common interests. They didn’t have relationships, they didn’t have hobbies, they didn’t travel, they didn’t have ANYthing except their work. What happens to these people when they’re denied tenure or finish up their postdocs? It was unsettling.I’d much rather be living in a place that makes me happy (a spouse or SO would likely prefer such a place as well). If the coworkers are just annoying or bothersome, it’s unpleasant but doesn’t literally prevent me from doing my job. If it DOES, I would leave before submitting myself to a miserable lifestyle just to do the work that should, after all, be only a PART of a happy life, not an entire life.It’s also worth pointing out: I have trouble imagining living in a place with a lifestyle I adore and having colleagues I truly can’t stand. Ideally, these people will have been similarly attracted to this location, and will have similar outside interests and life priorities (of course, this doesn’t mean they can’t also be raging jerks, but…) At the moment I’m living in a very lackluster city, and unsurprisingly I have very lackluster colleagues – some are dull, some are nice, and some are insane, but I still get my work done. When I spent a summer in an awesome hippie town in the West, I had awesome hippie colleagues. It was my most productive summer ever, and also a fantastic lifestyle. The two are often interconnected.So I guess I’m the outlier here. But again, I’m young and not applying for jobs for a few more years, so maybe I’m just the voice of what everyone used to think??

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