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Do you agree that Tilak and Bindi would ensure personal safety in Racist US in today’s troubled times?


Racist US
Racist US

The crime of Murderous assault on Two Indians by a White American is said to be racially motivated.

Shooting of two Indians inside a crowded bar in suburban Kansas City in the United States, which has sent ripples across their hometowns.

Even as incidents of racial diccrimination against all Asians, irrespective of Religious beliefs, are on a rise Hindu Samhati Chief Tapan Ghosh issued a controversial statement today that Hindus should show their identity by wearing Tilak and that the women should wear bindi for security, news agency ANI reported.

The right-wing outfit chief further called upon the brother Muslim clerics to their tell followers to embrace evident symbols of Hindu and Christianity for personal security.

Recently a 32-year-old Indian Engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla was shot dead by the gunman opened fire and his co-worker Alok Madasani suffered critical injuries in an assault.

A 24-year-old white American, Ian Grillot, who jumped to the defense of the two Indians, is also said to have sustained injuries during the deadly attack.

Meanwhile, the 51-year-old suspect who is said to have shouted, ‘Leave my Country’ while shooting has been taken into custody and charged with murder and attempted to murder.

Before he could be arrested, the suspect had fled the spot on foot.

While having a drink at another Bar about five hours post the incident he reportedly told a Bartender that he need a place to hide as he had short while ago killed two ‘Middle Eastern men.’

Subsequently, the Bartender informed the police and which led to his arrest.

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