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All about Delhi Public Services Doorstep Delivery Scheme

September 12, 2018:

Delhi government is spending Rs 12 crore on the implementation of the doorstep delivery of services.

Delhi Doorstep Delivery of Services Scheme
Delhi Doorstep Delivery of Services Scheme

Delhi Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal cleared the scheme for doorstep delivery of services this week.

The scheme, that will be rolled out in about two months, will allow you to get important works done involving government departments by a third party without you having to step out of your home.

The doorstep delivery of services will be provided for an extra fee of Rs 50. Delhi government is spending Rs 12 crore on the implementation of the doorstep delivery of services.

Delhi government also plans to make the doorstep delivery of ration scheme a reality soon.

Delhi government has also set up a feedback system for the citizens availing doorstep delivery of public services.

Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi chief minister and AAP national convener, said while launching the service, “Today is a historic day. So far people only got pizzas delivered to their house, but now you can make one phone call to the government and they will send a representative to your house to get your work done. This will change the administrative setup of the government.”

Here are the eight things to know about this scheme:

1.What are the services?

In the first phase, the home delivery facility will be provided for 40 services across eight government departments, the number will rise to 100 in two-three months. Services include getting caste certificates, registration of marriage, and birth and death certificates, driving licence, transfer of ownership of vehicles, old age pension scheme and new water or sewer connection.

2. How can you avail it?

You will just have to call on the government’s helpline numbers. A ‘Mobile Sahayak’ (facilitator) will be assigned to you. He/she will come to your house to take the necessary documents, complete all formalities for you and hand over the certificate at your home.

3. Will the Mobile Sahayak service be reliable?

Government says it will be. It is roping in private agencies for this job. These agencies will depute MSs. All of this will be handled through a common call centre. The MSs will be given stipulated time frames to complete tasks depending on the nature of the order by customer

4. Will I be able to get all facilities at my doorstep?

Not all. Residents will still have to make their way to offices in cases where physical presence is necessary, such as a driving test.

5. Is it free?

No, it’s not. The doorstep delivery service will be available at a nominal fee. It is likely to be ₹50.

6. When will the service start?

The government has given no timeline as to when it will start. However, sources working on the project tell us that it will take at least two months to take off.

7. Will there be more services?

Once the scheme is launched, the government plans to add more services on a monthly basis and take it to 100 Services.

8. Will other modes continue?

Yes, everything remains as it is. People can still continue to get the formalities done by themselves through online method. This will just be an addition to the existing system.

9. Who will attend the Call made?

Residents of Delhi can dial 1076 to place a request for doorstep delivery of services that will be provided from 8 am to 10 pm. The call centre to facilitate delivery of services will function round the clock. To implement the scheme, the Delhi government has hired a private company – VFS Global Services Pvt Ltd.

Source HT

Doorstep Delivery of Services Scheme List
Doorstep Delivery of Services Scheme List
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