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Delhi’s Child Trafficking ‘Queen’ handed out 10 years in Jail, 10,000 minors became her Victim


Trafficked child labour pushed into illegal Domestic work or Prostitution


A woman Trafficker, who was the leader of a trafficking racket run by her brother-in-law, has been convicted for 10 years by a Chhattisgarh court. He was arrested two years ago.

She allegedly placed over 10,000 minors into the labour market in the National Capital Region.

Gayatri Devi’s conviction has brought hope for those fighting against illegal placement agencies in Delhi.

NGOs all over the Country working for child rights have welcomed hailed the decision and hope the employers hiring minors for work will learn a lesson with this judgment.

Gayatri used to run a placement agency in west Delhi’s Shakurpur.

She told the police that they used to buy minors for R12,000 and then charge R24,000 for placing them at a household to work as domestic help.

Her agents in villages of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and West Bengal, used to lure minors and bring them to Delhi. She then used to place them in Delhi households.

“Her conviction is a strong message for the placement agencies and the police should now look for minors placed by them,” said Rishikant of Shakti Vahini NGO.


The trafficking racket in Delhi is a steadily growing menace with victims — mostly minors and women — brought in from states like Jharkhand and West Bengal. Once in the city, they are pushed into child labour, illegal domestic work or prostitution by unscrupulous placement agencies.

Mahto had earlier been arrested by Jharkhand Police in 2006 for human trafficking and had been in jail for around five months.

He has many properties in Delhi, Ranchi and Khunti (Jharkhand), all acquired through his illegal human trafficking business.


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