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CJI to Senior Advocate at SC: Mend your ways or we will withdraw your Designation


We may be forced to withdraw your designation of Sr. Advocate , said CJI.

SC poser to BCI
SC poser to Senior Advocate

The Supreme Court today took umbrage against a senior advocate for certifying curative petitions without applying his mind.

A bench headed by Chief Justice T S Thakur took to task senior advocate Parmanand Katara who without any invitation came forward and offered to assist the court as amicus curiae in a PIL for evolving schemes to protect the rights of senior citizens.

“Mr Katara, we have seen that 95 per cent of curative petitions certified by you are dismissed. My brother judges have pointed this out and I have also noticed. So if people come to you and pay you money, you sign on what they give without applying your mind. We may be forced to withdraw your designation. Please don’t do this,” the CJI said.

The bench also comprising Justices Banumathi and U U Lalit said, “you are designated senior in the Bar. Please apply your mind. Your designation is under danger. Don’t jeopardise your designation as senior advocate. No senior will certify curative petition, so people go to you.”

Katara assured the court that he will be careful in the future while certifying petitions.

Curative petition is the last legal resort available in the apex court. PTI

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