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CJI Thakur urge Bar Council: Restore glory of Legal Profession, close all such Law Schools running as Shops

Dignity of Legal Profession in Danger
Dignity of Legal Profession in Danger

January,13,2016: Chief Justice of India T S Thakur  asked the Bar Council of India (BCI), the apex body of lawyers, to crack the whip on law colleges which lack appropriate infrastructure by shutting them down.

“There are law colleges where you may not have faculty, no library or where attendance will not be marked. I believe there are law colleges where you have to just go and pay the fees, the rest is taken care off.”

“How can a legal profession or how can you tolerate this kind of situation? I believe this is a great responsibility cast upon the Bar Council of India (BCI) and bar councils to shut down such shops. I am sure that the admission standards will be raised,” Justice Thakur said.

Calling it a challenge for the BCI to remove lawyers who bring disrepute to the legal profession, the CJI said there are some people who enter the field just because it adds respectability.

“Unwanted and unprofessional members in the bar and their isolation and removal are also a challenge. I can assure that the real core of the profession is very good. But there are some people who enter into this profession because it adds respectability.

“…I think one of the challenges that you have to take immediately is that you must identify and weed out such elements so that the bar remains in its pristine glory, in its purest form… So that only the professions remains,” he said during a felicitation ceremony at Bar Council of India.

The CJI said disciplinary control over members of the bar is very important and suggested that an independent tribunal could be appointed for action against lawyers.

“The more this profession gets overcrowded, the more the malpractices because people will have to survive. You have to make a mechanism so that only the best come into the profession. Let the profession become competitive and we can say we are no way less than any other profession,” he said.

“So you (BCI) need to deal with such elements very very seriously. Appointing a tribunal for disciplinary action can be one such thing. If you have five lawyers sitting to decide disciplinary action against another lawyer, it will be embarrassing. Why should you face that embarrassment? Why not have independent tribunal for the action which you (BCI) say can’t be tolerated at any cost?” Justice Thakur asked.

Other judges who were present during the occasion include Supreme Court judges Dipak Misra, A K Sikri, M Y Iqbal, R Banumathi, Arun Mishra and P C Pant.

BCI Chairman Manan Kumar Mishra highlighted the steps taken by the Council against strikes and absenteeism from work in court called by various bar associations.

He also said that the Council has decided to revise the curriculum of law courses to meet today’s competitive standards.

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  1. gurinderjit singh bhatia

    There is also a need to fix criteria for lawyers fee.
    In fact the law profession is in the few hands, who charged fee as per will & wish. Poor and common man cant reach to them. The SCI may like to hear the people directly the situation will improve a lot as the Hon’ble Judges know law better than any else.

  2. i agree with CJI. when over crowding takes place in anything corruption is normal. what is the use to talk about corruption if you do not properly regulate. that way i liked the 5 crores fine on jss medical college.
    if medcal colleges become shops the patients would get a raw deal; so also n legal profession.

  3. Need to fix the exploitation of new born advocates.

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