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CJI Khehar to Centre: You cannot file affidavits before us through low-ranked officials


Chief Justice JS Khehar
Chief Justice JS Khehar

SC directs Govt. that now onwards only the Joint Secretary of the Department concerned would file Affidavits.

On Tuesday, CJI JS Khehar protested loudly against the non-seriousness on Centre’s part on filing response to the court on crucial issues.

He said that approach was evident from the ministries & departments ‘lackadaisical’ in filing reply affidavits through lowest ranking official under secretary.

It all came to a head when the bench headed by the Chief Justice of India found that the Centre was obliged to audit the accounts of NGOs which received public funds, had little knowledge of its duty to keep a check on the spending of the money given from the government exchequer.

The bench observed “When the reply affidavits are filed by under secretaries, what more could one expect”.

The court has put the accountability finally on the head of the department & senior officials for every affidavit that would be filed in future.
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