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CJI Khehar to Govt: Now is the time to Appoint Judges on war footing


Appoint Judges on War Footing
Appoint Judges on War Footing

As on date 24 HCs have a sanctioned strength of 1,079 Judges but are but are constrained to work with only 624, with more than 40% vacant posts.

Chief Justice of India J S Khehar has said that now appointments to constitutional courts needed to be undertaken on a war footing since the memorandum of procedure (MoP) for appointment of judges is finally in place.

Earlier before a bench headed by then CJI T S Thakur, the ugly stalemate over the provisions of MoP continued as both the executive and the judiciary refusing to budge from their stated positions primarily on National Security Clause.

As a result the Centre Govy repeatedly returned several names recommended by the collegium headed by Chief Justice TS Thakur.

However after Justice Khehar took over as CJI, things started to settle down and the MoP got finalised.

The bench of Justices Khehar, D Y Chandrachud and Sanjay Kishan Kaul made an observation that now appointment of judges will have to be undertaken on war footing.

Two petitions in this regard, which were bunched with many more were disposed of by the SC on Monday .

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  1. Sorry sir, this is the time to eliminate corruption in judiciary,the parasites
    No doubt biased laws are responsible for discrimination and miseries of men. But,that is a consequence and not the root cause of men /husbands problems
    ASK yourself : if police and judiciary are accountable, honest and competent right at lower and higher levels, will YOU be facing the miseries you are facing today in your life?

    To illustrate further, if I.O. carries out investigation honestly, most of the false 498a cases will disappear. If lower court judges are honest and competent, there will not be any need to go to next higher court. Right?

    Today, lower court judges think they are superior to SC and even God. Each one gives conflicting and contradictory judgment with impunity due to greed and incompetence etc.

    Hence, litigants are forced to move up to next higher court and so on , in futile search for justice. If there is accountability of police and judiciary, burden on courts and society will reduce drastically.

    THEY know it. Yet THEY don’t eliminate the root cause. Greed for money is a known evil. It leads to evils in society. No one needs to be Sadguru to say that.

    SO, henceforth highlight the ROOT CAUSE of your miseries. Biased laws are a minor issue .Expose the dishonest ,the corrupt and the incompetent parasites.THEY are the REAL enemies of MEN , Indian family system and society

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