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CJI JS Khehar: Ours is a strange country, the bigger the Criminal, the bigger the outreach


Justice JS Kehar
Justice JS Kehar

CJI was inaugurating the 15th All India meet of State Legal Services Authorities at New Delhi.

CJI J S Khehar in a speech that he gave today questioned judicial system in India and the various anomalies that have crept into it that allow a no. of strange occurrences to happen, but which nevertheless manages to ensure Rule of Law.

CJI JS Khehar surprised many today when he said that ours is a strange country, bigger the criminal bigger the outreach.

Chief Justice of India was reportedly was hinting at ability of the criminals to circumvent the system & look to evade justice through usage of their political power and wealth as well as fear tactics or outright violence.

CJI JS Khehar also sought to focus the spotlight on affected party who may not be as powerful or perhaps, even brave enough to challenge the system in this pursuit of getting justice.

CJI Khehar said, “But I’ve wondered over the years.. what about the victim? What about the family which lost its breadwinner??”

Problems for the family of affected person have just about started after the crime against her/him has been committed.

Not only does the family lose the person on whom it’s dependent for food, security, shelter & more, it also has to deal with loss of a loved one & yet it’ll likely not get the opportunity to even grieve as they’ll have so many other things to attend to.

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