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Chief Justice Prohibits District Court Judges from Travelling Abroad even if on Leave


This Order does not apply to Delhi High Court Judges.

Judges barred from travelling abroad
Judges barred from travelling abroad

All the judges in Delhi District Courts have been asked not to go abroad even if they are on official leave.

Judges of Delhi often deal with applications by accused to allow them to go abroad.

So there was a certain irony in the circular they were handed last week, imposing ban on their own foreign Travel.

Delhi High Court Chief Justice G Rohini took a “serious view” of judges visiting abroad for various reasons by availing leave.

The High Court Registrar General has issued a first-of-its kind circular that curbs the movements of over 300 Delhi judges.

Judicial officers are found requesting for the grant of permission for foreign visits by taking leave during the working days. Honorable Chief Justice has taken a serious view of the matter & is pleased to order that in future there shall not be any foreign visit during working days.

It has directed all the District Judges in Delhi to communicate the Chief Justice’s mandate to subordinate officers & ensure that no judicial officer flies abroad while being on leave.

When asked about the circular, former Delhi High Court judge Justice R S Sodhi told media regarding it that he would’ve to “look really hard” for finding a logical reason behind this circular.

He stated that when HC judges can travel, when SC judges can go abroad when they are on leave, why should there be such a restriction only on judicial officers? The circular should’ve given some reasons before the judges.

Justice Sodhi also added that there were service conditions that bound the judges.

Mukul Mudgal, Retired Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court said that as a judge, all that he had to do was to inform the chief justice whenever he went abroad.

“I would only inform CJ Delhi whether it was a private visit or an official visit & if this circular has been issued for good reasons then it should apply to all the Delhi Judges (including HC judges),” stated Justice Mudgal who also served as a Delhi High Court judge.

Judicial officers in Delhi, speaking on condition of anonymity said that what was supposed to be a mechanism for keeping the HC informed about their travel course has steered to this forbidding.

“So.. we can go to Dehradun when we’re on a leave but not to Dubai!,” expressed a judge.

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