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Chief Justice of India TS Thakur says, Legal Profession has become a Career for Third Divisioners

ts thakur_January,9,2016: Chief Justice of India T S Thakur  said, with over 2 million lawyers in the country, the legal profession has got over crowded which has resulted in malpractices and lowering the value of lawyers.

Justice Thakur said “You cannot stop anyone from becoming a lawyer but you can certainly raise the bar, raise the standard who said that every third division marks candidate can become lawyer…let him become clerk or let him become something else…why should a bar be such a place for the people who are not accepted anywhere else,”

Justice Thakur said that the prospect of getting a bride was “bleak” for a lawyer as compared to those in other professions like civil services.

“…In the marriage market also the lawyer has no value. In the marriage market, they say your son is IAS officer, okyes, IFS, IPS and so on but when you say lawyer, they say no no…there is no value in marriage market. But if you raise your value and make it tougher to get into the profession, I am sure the marriage market will also improve,” the CJI said.

“There were times you would go for LLB when you were unable to get admitted anywhere else…Now today you have two million lawyers in the country. There is crowd now. Today the Bar council can say that we have enough of the lawyers.


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