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Centre to Supreme Court: Cows need Aadhaar-like identification too


Centre has made a proposal to the Supreme Court recommending a 12-digit unique aadhaar number

Aadhaar for Cows
Aadhaar for Cows                                Pic by business-standard.com

Having some Unique Identification Number is no longer restricted to human beings. In an effort to stop smuggling of cow, the Centre has made a proposal to the Apex Court recommending a 12 digit unique aadhaar no. for each & every cow in India.

Union govt. is seeking such a tag for cattle so that they can be vaccinated timely & scientific intervention is easily available.

The Animal Husbandry Dept. has assigned technicians to affix a tag with a 12 digit unique identification no. inside the ears of the cows.

Continuing with Digital Drive’s enthusiasm, Modi govt. intends to reach out to about 88 million cows & buffaloes this year. Officials say that for this purpose ₹148 crores have been set aside.

How’s the govt milking the Aadhaar idea on cattle?

Around 1,00,000 technicians have been provided 50,000 tablets for their mission is to affix a yellow colored light weighted tag is fixed in the center of the ear lobe of the cattle.

After fixing the tag the technician’ll use a tablet to update the unique no. in an online database. She/he will also provide the cattle owner with an “Animal Health Card” recording that no., the owner’s details, status of vaccinations and periodic de-worming of the animal plus breeding details. This’ll help track the cattle along with all relevant details.




Indian milk economy is worth ₹5 lakh crore, growing at a rate of 15-16%, out of which the organised milk economy is worth ₹80,000 crore. The govt. wants to double the country’s milk production by the year 2020.

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