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Central Information Commission: UGC bound to answer RTIs on Edu. Courses recognised by it


Unless such doubts are removed by UGC, the Students would remain confused about the validity of a course


Central Information Commission has ruled that UGC and other public authorities cannot refuse to issue clarifications sought by an applicant under RTI applicantion if the matter is part of  its duty to collect that information.

The finding came while rejecting the plea of the higher education regulator UGC that such like explanations cannot be sought under the RTI Act, the transparency law.

In its earlier decisions, the CIC and several High Courts had upheld the decision of public authorities to reject such RTI applications eeking explanations and clarifications.

The CIC has simultaneously issued a show-cause notice to the UGC for its refusal to clarify the query under RTI as to whether a particular course was recognised by it or not.

RTI Applicant Ram Kishan Sharma wanted to know the list of UGC recognised courses meant for career advancement scheme.

CIC said that as a Policy UGC must provide clarifications for such genuine academic doubts or else it will leave student community in confusion regarding validity of a course.

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Right to Information Act,2005

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