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Internship Opportunity @Think India [Multiple Cities & Deadlines]: Applications Open

Think India is offering different types of internships to students of various disciplines over the next few months.

Think India
Think India

The various internships are:

  • Vidhi
  • Niti
  • Sansadiya
  • Anubhooti
  • Vidhi

The Litigation Internship Program of Think India, is a medium for finest Young Law Students to connect and involve them with the diverse network of law practitioners striving for excellence in field of law and contribute in empowering society and citizens.

VIDHI aims at training and promoting a generation of lawyers and legal practitioners who are socially awakened. The program will help law students in understanding the procedural aspects and knowledge to excel in the profession along with serving the society and the nation.

“VIDHI” offers a 4-5 week internship program with leading lawyers and organizations which will expose the students to the real challenges and complexities in the legal system which a lawyer comes across in his routine career and to be well versed with the professional requirements which helps them later, in flourishing as a successful legal proficient.

Vidhi Internship

Vidhi is a legal internship with 50 prominent advocates including senior advocates and ASG’s of the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court such as ASG Vikramjit Bannerji, Madhavi Divan, Sidharth Luthra, Shekhar Naphade, Namit Saxena and others.

It shall be held in two batches- 12 Nov to 15 Dec 2018 and 2 Jan to 31 Jan 2019.

The last date for applications is 30th October and 30th November 2018 respectively and there is a capacity limit of 50 in each batch.

The tentative list of advocates will be subject to finalization. We have had 250 interns so far under this program.

Apply for this internship at this page.


The Public Policy Internship Program of Think India promotes research by connecting students with the research organisations and Think Tanks based in Delhi. NITI aims at generating policy makers and researchers of tomorrow who will know how to make good policies and analyze the impact of policies on the society.

Public interest is of paramount importance in the process of democratic government. No government can perform its duties as custodian of public good without evidence-based research, to make valid decisions affecting the public.

NITI facilitates research, convergence of ideas, positions and visions that aspire to strengthen the nation and preserve her unity and integrity and contribute towards her progress and integral development.

Think India Internships 2018

The learning outcome of this programme is that our interns get the best of the canvass for research and guidance of subject experts and scholars. It will have internees placed with Think Tanks working on Policy Issues:

1. Public Policy Research Centre
3. India Policy Foundation
4. Global Village Foundation
5. Jammu Kashmir Study Centre
6. North East Centre

The internship shall be held in 3 batches.

Apply for this internship at this page.


The Parliamentary Internship Program by Think India: With changing learning patterns, the participation of Students in Legislative Policy Framework has risen. Bills are often put into the public forum for discussions and suggestions. Students in course of their Internship are assisting Members of Parliament on issues which are put forth for discussion in Parliament.

Think India, through SANSADIYA aims at creating a similar learning platform for student community through Internship with Members of Parliament and Ministers for One-Month and assist them with issues like Analysis of Bill, Drafting Questions.

To apply for this internship, click here.


Anubhooti- The Social internship by Think India meaning “realization” is an opportunity to meet, interact and learn from the people & organizations working at grassroots level for bringing up social change in our society.

Anubhooti Provides a platform to not only to understand very closely the pain and suffering of poverty, but to contribute in many smaller ways, as possible to bring about a change in the lives of some of our own brothers and sisters. It is a reminder for the fortunate, of their responsibility towards their less privileged brethren.

For full details and to apply for this internship, visit this site.


If you have any queries regarding the event, please feel free to contact Mr Rahul Chaudhary on +91 8859774466.

For official website, click here.

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