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CUSAT MUN 19 @Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi [Feb 8-10]: Registrations Open

The Cochin University of Science and Technology is hosting its inaugural edition of National Level Model United Nations (CUSAT MUN’ 19) on February 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2019. In CUSAT-MUN we aim to provide a holistic exposure to various perspectives of international and national issues, along with a dais for young diplomats to express and hone their diplomatic skills.

Cochin University
Cochin University

We are promoting a platform that allows free flow of thoughts and facilitates healthy competition through comprehensive deliberations and debate where quick-wittedness and critical thinking are keys to the arsenal and which allows skimming the cream of success from the mild of mediocrity. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to our three-day conference.

What is a/an MUN?

Model United Nations, very often called Model UN or simply a MUN, is a competing simulation or a conference through which students, by simulating bodies of the United Nations, learn about diplomacy, effective communication, international relations and politics, and the universe of the UN in general.


Cochin University of Science and Technology is reputed throughout the nation for its achievements and advancements. In a University such as ours, every opportunity to provide students with quality education and irreplaceable experiences is utilized to the maximum. The historical campus of CUSAT opens its arms to delegates from around the nation to participate in CUSAT MUN 2019 -which has the potential to be Kochi’s largest MUN. Easily accessible by rail road and air, CUSAT is located in the heart of Cochin city. Nowhere else will a student get such large scale exposure in a short span of time. Challenging every student to excel beyond his limits, CUSAT MUN will truly be one of a kind offering an invaluable learning experience.

The CUSAT MUN’ 19 is a three-day student conference simulating the workings of the United Nations. More specifically it entails a simulation of the workings of the Committees in the General Assembly, Disarmament and International Security Committee, human rights council, and an Indian committee, All India Political Parties Meet.


1. UN General Assembly: Disarmament and International Security Council (DISEC)

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) is the largest congregation of nations that recommends legal, political, economic, social and humanitarian efforts that help save lives of millions across the world, where each country has an equal voice and vote regardless of the agenda. Disarmament and International Security Committee is a strapping committee of the conference which has been entrusted with the Herculean task of maintaining international peace and security and this simulation aims to uphold the same sublime ideals.

With germane and riveting agendas, passionate speeches and delirious lobbying and negotiation, this committee deals with disarmament, global challenges and threats to peace that affect the international community and seeks out solutions to the challenges in the international security regime. This Committee test one’s prowess and speak ones heart out as one tries to find a middle ground with his rivals using his negotiation and persuasion skills.

2. United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is an intergovernmental organization working towards the promotion and protection of human rights. It is a forum where issues are discussed with special emphasis on the humanitarian aspect. Dealing with intricate matters, this council provides a platform for its member states to raise concerns over human rights violations, thereby allowing a free flow of opinion. Often finding itself on the headlines, the functioning of the UNHRC makes it one of the most interesting bodies of the UN.

3. All India Political Parties Meet (AIPPM)

The All India Political Parties Meet is a forum for unrestricted political debate, discussion and deliberation, free from the legislative functions of the parliament. The AIPPM provides a platform where diverse political perspectives and personalities come together to make decisions on issues of national importance. The All India Political Parties Meet is a venture to emulate political realities by stimulating the various levels of policy and governance existing in our nation today.

The committee helps one grasp the multi-layered processes that go behind policy-making and governance in India, providing them with a hands-on approach to the impediments and challenges that confront political parties in modern times. AIPPM through its final document aims to provide solutions in the form of recommendations to the Government to solve the existing issues for which all the political parties have arrived at a consensus. It is crucial for a nation to listen to its strongest demographic community, the youth. This council echoes our hopes of change and evolution. It is a proud moment to make AIPPM part of the MUN and hopes that the Committee accumulates a voice that brings in the change we dream of.

So don’t limit your arguments to discussions at home and over social media. Hone your arguments and battle it out with the best at CUSAT MUN’ 2019!

Venue: University Road, South Kalamassery, Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala 682022


Register on this form.

Fee Details

1400 INR Individual delegate

1200 INR Group Delegation of 10 (each)

1000 INR Home Delegate


E-mail: cusatmun@gmail.com.

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