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1st TNNLU National Med-Arb Competition, 2019 [March 8-10, Trichy]: Register by Jan 25


The Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee of TNNLU is pleased to invite you all for our 1st edition of TNNLU National Med-Arb Competition, between 8th March 2019 and 10th March 2019 at our Campus. The competition is organized in collaboration with the Nani Palkhivala Arbitration Centre, Chennai.

Tamil Nadu National Law University
Tamil Nadu National Law University

The event will be a mindboggling rendition of the unconventional ADR mechanism, comprising of both Mediation and Arbitration sessions.

TNNLU NMAC is one of the few competitions focusing on the hybrid variety of Mediation and Arbitration (Med-Arb) under the umbrella of Alternative Dispute Resolution. In this competition, the parties will initially try to resolve their disputes through mediation based on an agreed covenant and then through arbitration. This agreed covenant will transform into a binding arbitration agreement for the arbitration session. Hence, the participating students are expected to participate and compete against each other in both Mediation and Arbitration sessions.

Participation in the competition is limited to 24 teams based on ‘First come First serve.’ The competition will take place in the following rounds:

  • The Preliminary Rounds
  • The Semifinal Rounds
  • The Final Round


TNNLU campus, Trichy.


Students pursuing their LL.B. Degree in the 5-Year or 3-year law course are eligible. Only one team (comprising of 1 Client, 1 Counsel and 1 Mediator/Arbitrator only) from each institution shall be allowed to participate in the competition.

Provisional Registration

The participants shall provisionally register via this link.

Final Registration

An email will be sent along with the registration form to the selected universities for the completion of the registration process. The Registration fees per team is Rs. 3000, inclusive of food and accommodation. The registration procedure will be shortly intimated through our Rules.

Food & Accommodation

Food and accommodation will be provided from 7th March (evening) to 11th March (Afternoon) at our campus.

Important dates

Event  Date
Commencement of provisional registration 07.01.19
Deadline for provisional registration 25.01.19
The release of Problem, Rules and Regulations 13.01.19
Deadline for the release of clarifications 20.01.19
Deadline for registration along with payment of fee & sending the soft copy of DD/Net Banking Receipts online 02.02.19
Deadline for sending the fully filled registration form and the hard copy of DD/Net Banking Receipts 06.02.19
Deadline for the soft copy of Arbitration Memorials 22.02.19
Deadline for the hard copy of Arbitration Memorials 27.02.19
Inauguration 08.03.19
Valedictory Ceremony 10.03.19


Participation certificates will be given to all the participants. Following awards will be distributed during the valedictory ceremony:

  1. Best Med-Arb Team: Rs. 15,000
  2. First Runners-up team: Rs. 10,000
  3. Best Mediator-Arbitrator: Rs. 8,000
  4. Best Med-Arb Client-Counsel: Rs. 8,000
  5. Best Memorial: Rs. 6,000

Additional details will be shortly intimated through our Rules.


For any queries, feel free to drop us an email at nmac@tnnlu.ac.in or contact the following:

  • V. Ravindran (8072697490)
  • Hari Vignesh (9080548613)
  • Payaswini (9589913575)

For more information, please visit this site.

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