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Vivekananda Global University’s Asian Parliamentary Debate [April 1-3, Jaipur]: Register by Feb 18

The Utthan Debating Society in collaboration with the Ranka Charitable Trust and Rajasthali Law Institute is delighted to officially invite you to the 1st edition of the Asian Parliamentary Debate which is scheduled for April 1-3, 2019.

The Asian Parliamentary Debate is a three-day inter-varsity event and has been organized in Jaipur for the very first time in which we are targeting the aspiring students from every field of education. All the students who are been enrolled under any institution can participate. This debate competition is been organized with a motive of introducing the whole new platform for the students who seek interest in the powers of words.

Provisional registration for the tournament is now open.

The Asian Parliamentary Debate 2019 would mainly feature motions and topics which are associated in relation with development and problems faced by the country.


Asian Parliamentary Debate: Team cap of 32 teams, with the n+1 rule, allotted on first come first serve basis.

Registration Details

The registration fee of ₹2000 per person, which includes accommodation, transportation, and food, and ₹1500 per person without accommodation.

Provisional Registration of Institutional Teams:  Click here

Provisional Registration for Institutional Crosses: Click here

Provisional Registration for Independent Adjudicators: Click here

Payment need be done only once teams have been allotted slots in the provisional registration list. There is no restriction in the numbers of teams who can participate from the one institution though n+1 rule ( one adjudicator with each team) will be followed strictly.

Cash prizes will be announced soon.

Important Dates

Last date of Provisional Registration: February 18, 2019

First Day of APD: April 1, 2019


Feel free to contact any one of us:

  • Parth Pathak :7619783053
  • Ankur Sharma: 7014106599
  • Manish Chaudhary: 9694920628

Or email us at theutthandebatingsociety@gmail.com

Click here for the debate format.

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