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Lloyd Law College Debate & Elocution Competition in Association with GAIL [Nov 1, Noida]: Register by Oct 29


Lloyd Law College
Lloyd Law College

This the Fourth Central awareness week under which GAIL in association with Lloyd Law College is organizing Debate and Elocuation Competition.


Lloyd law college, Greater Noida, UP


Competition will be held on 1st November, 2018 , STARTS FROM 10 AM


Kindly take note of the information given below:

THEME: “Eradication Corruption – Build a New India ”

Who may participate?

The competition is open for students pursuing any Undergraduate degree courses or Postgraduate degree courses in any recognized University/College.


The competition will be conducted in English and Hindi.

Mode of registration

Teams must register by 29 October 2018 and mailed scan copy of the registration form should be sent at constitutionclub@lloydlawcollege.edu.in before 11:59 P.M.

Composition and Structure

The competition is for individual participation and will be judged on individual basis. Each participant shall have 3 minutes (5 minutes in case of elocution) to put forward their opinion and content. 30 seconds extra time will be provided if needed. (Subject to Discretion of Judges)

Awards (Separately in both English and Hindi language)
The Winner will receive a cash prize worth Rs. 5,000/-

The Runner-Up will receive a cash prize worth Rs. 3,000/-

Second Runner-Up will receive a cash prize worth Rs. 2,000/-

No Registration Fee is required for Participation.

Participation Certificate will be provided to all the participants along with Consolation prizes.


Anshul Saxena(Head,Organization Committee): 8192043963
Yashasvi (Organization Committee): 8825170645
Vivek Raj ( Organization Committee): 9582114802
Rahul Ranjan (organization Committee): 9309922099

Click here for the rules and registration form.

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