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Nayi Dishayein: Winter School on Rethinking Development @Sambhaavnaa Institute, Palampur [Dec 21-30]: Apply by Nov 15

About the Organizer


Sambhaavnaa Institute has been organizing political, economic, social and environmental justice program for past six years for social workers. Sambhaavnaa Institute is located in a village near by Palampur, Himachal Pradesh and the training venue and logistic arrangements are made in its premises.

About the Winter School

Sambhaavnaa Institute, has for the last six years been organising a participatory, reflective and experiential programs on ‘Rethinking Development’ called Nayi Dishayein.

In this program we work with young participants to:

  • Deconstruct, i.e., critically examine the notion of development.
  • Examine the root causes of growing inequity in distribution of wealth and resources and it’s impacts on nature and humans in a society fractured along the lines of gender, caste, race, ethnicity, religion?
  • Re-examine our belief systems, worldviews, privileges resulting from the power structures of caste, gender, religion, class and how they are linked with the notion of development.
  • Examine how the state and its institutions of policy making and governance influence these power structures and vice versa.
  • Assess possibilities of transformation through people’s action. An exposure to and dialogue on a range of initiatives/movements towards a just society.
  • The theme of the program is explored using interactive lectures, group work and group discussions, film screenings, collective reflection, and importantly, live experience sharing by activists.

Who is it for?

It is for the people in the age group of 21-26 years who are:

  • Seeking answers to the above questions.
  • Figuring out how to frame the questions.
  • Trying to understand the interconnections between different problems.


Rethinking Development


The Winter School will be organised at:

Sambhaavnaa Institute
Village-Kandbadi, P.O.-Kamlehad
Tehsil-Palampur, District-Kangra
Himachal Pradesh-176061

Registration Procedure

The online registration form for the workshop is available on this page.

Fee Details

Participants are required to make a contribution of Rs. 7,500 for the workshop.


21-30 December 2018


E-mail: nayi_dishayein@sambhaavnaa.org

For further information about the workshop, visit the official website.

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