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Glimpse of Litigation Series: Advocacy Workshop by Talekar and Associates, Mumbai: Register by Dec 10

Most of the students who join us as interns come in with plans to be corporate lawyers. However, by the end of their internship, we receive their goodbye greetings with the message that they have had a change of heart!


Over years of dealing with interns and new associates, we have realised that there is much dearth of information and skill-building amongst law students regarding litigation. The lack of a vibrant culture which would do justice to the dynamic vistas provided by litigation makes many a bright student with the aptitude for litigation settle for other more popular options of the day.

So we at Talekar and Associates, have decided to start a GLIMPSE OF LITIGATION SERIES with skill-based workshops for the witty and wise, in our effort to create a conducive culture for the brightest minds to explore litigation.

What is the Advocacy Workshop about?

Tricks of the Trade: A video-based training tool with a discussion about all the tricks in the bag of an expert litigator.

At the Bar: In a Court Simulation exercise, groups of three students will be given a case based situation and one person from each group is called to the Bar to respond. The courtroom etiquette, oratory and analytical skills, as well as wit and presence of mind, will be tested. It is an extempore exercise which will help the students get a taste of the thrill to be standing at the Bar and addressing the Constitutional Courts of the country.

Socratic Dialogue: Questions will be called from groups regarding advocacy skills and etiquettes, which would be addressed in a Socratic method to help the group hone their analytical skills.

How to register?

The workshop is limited to 50 students selected through a short quiz based on legal awareness. The quiz is available here.

The link shall expire at 11:59 PM on 10th December 2018, which is the last day for receiving interests.

The shortlisted participants will receive a confirmation email regarding your registration on 11th December, 2018 with all other necessary details such as venue, time, other registration formalities.

P.S.: There shall be no registration fees, rather, several goodies and exciting gifts await participants. Look forward to our sumptuous brownies, stationery and witty table frames.

Date: December 16, 2018

Place: Pune

Time (tentative): 14:00 to 16:00 hours


Appreciation Vouchers worth ₹10,000/- with other exciting goodies and participation certificates.

The workshop also aims at providing internships to the best of shortlisted participants for further exploration of the traditional profession of a law graduate. The law students who are in their penultimate year of graduation shall have a further opportunity of converting their internships into PPOs.

About the firm

Talekar and Associates is a litigation law firm providing exceptional legal services across various legal fora having majoring of work at the High Court of Bombay (Principal seat at Mumbai and Bench at Aurangabad), the Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal (Principal seat at Mumbai and bench at Aurangabad), the Supreme Court of India since 1983.


#142, A-Wing, NCPA Apartments, Nariman Point, Mumbai.

Plot No. 2, Vedant Nagar, Station Road, Aurangabad.

To know more about the firm, click here.

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