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Symposium on Dialectic Reflections on the Position of Women in the 21st Century India by Amity Law School, Noida [March 7-8]: Submit by Jan 30

Amity Law School, Noida is organising a symposium on “Dialectic Reflections on the Position of Women in the Twenty-First Century India: A step towards Right to Equality”, on 07th & 8th March 2019.

Amity Law School Delhi
Amity Law School Delhi

This event is an attempt to establish that gender rights are for all. It will prove whether the recent developments such as Abolition of Triple talaq, Supreme Court’s latest ruling and opinion on Adultery or the conflicts related to Sabrimala Temple entry indicate a favorable time for women community to achieve Right to Equality.

This symposium will result in awareness amongst women by giving them more confidence to keep their problems so that their issues raised do not go unheard. It provides for an excellent platform for the women and scholars of the related field across India to come ahead and speak their mind.

This symposium is an innovative step to raise awareness amongst all the people regarding the details of Triple talaq, entry in temples and other problems faced by women in the twenty-first century. At the same time, this legal discourse also focuses on creating a link between Family Law and Constitutional Law. Any country can- not progress unless every single person is provided with human rights. Right to equality needs certain changes in our family laws as well and this symposium tries to create that link.


The Centre invites academicians, practitioners and students of law from any recognized university to register as a participant or to submit research papers for paper presentations to be held at the Symposium.


The theme of the symposium is “Dialectic Reflections on the Position of Women in the Twenty-First Century India: A step towards Right to Equality”.

Sub Themes:

  • Recent growth in Feminist Jurisprudence
  • Constitutional provisions on safeguards for women
  • Emerging Laws in India to protect women
  • Need to work on Menstrual Hygiene
  • Gender Equity vs. Religious Practices
  • Role of Women in Indian Economy
  • Scheme on women empowerment
  • Women and her role in balancing Family
  • Role of NCW in empowering women
  • Women in the unorganized sector
  • Submissions must be e-mailed at alacsymposium2019@gmail.com (in. docx format) along with a covering letter. The covering letter should include the name of the author(s), contact details and affiliations. Each submission may have up to two authors.

Submission Guidelines

All the Abstracts should be submitted by 30th Jaunuary 2019. All submissions will go through an initial round of scrutiny and shortlisted submissions will be informed through mail.

The full paper should be submitted by 10th February 2019. All submissions will undergo a blind review procedure to be conducted by the Editorial Board.

The selected papers will be published and from amongst them, a few will be selected for presentation at the Symposium.


Registration form will be sent through mail to all the students whose submission would be selected for Publication and Presentation.

The fee for the same is provided as under:

  • Single authorship for Industry personnel and academicians: Rs. 1000
  • Co-authorship for Industry personals and academicians: Rs. 1500
  • Single authorship for Ph.D. scholars and other students: Rs. 750
  • Co-authorship for Ph.D. scholars and other students: Rs. 1000
  • International Participants: Rs. 5000

(In case of accommodation Rs. 1000 will be added in the Registration Fee per person)

Participation without paper presentation – Rs. 500

The mode of payment will be demand draft made in favor of “Amity University Uttar Pradesh”.

The system of on the spot registration will also be available for both days.

The registration form can be obtained through e-mail, website and can be collected in person from Conveners.


E-mail: alacsymposium2019@gmail.com.

Faculty Co-ordinators

Sheetal Singh (Assistant Professor)
Viijaishree Pandey (Assistant Professor)

Student Co-ordinators

  • Abhimanyu Kashyap Verma: +91- 78408 43757
  • Radhika Goel: +91- 97174 17502
  • Harleen Kaur: +91- 88607 12691
  • Prerna Negi: +91- 99995 17711
  • Taniya Bansal: +91- 98183 57066

For further details please visit our website- https://alsnsymposium.weebly.com .

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