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International Conference on Law & Regulation of AI by IFIM, Bangalore [Feb 25]: Apply by Feb 22

Artificial Intelligence provides an opportunity to innovate across systems and processes but on the other hand, it raises major concerns within the legal framework that revolve around issues such as privacy, legal liability, enactment and enforcement of regulatory laws etc.


In the backdrop of the emergence of AI as a next generation technological innovation and the concerns it raises for the civilization, IFIM Law School, Bangalore is organizing the first International Conference on the intersection of AI and the Law – titled as Law & Regulation of AI: A Global Perspective on 25th February 2019.

In India, this conference is a novel concept in itself; as it will bring the industry stalwarts and academia on a common platform to initiate the discussions within the realm of legal issues arising from the use of AI in different spheres.

Along with all legal luminaries IFIM Law School through this conference intends to give some food for the thought and raise awareness amidst the student population, society and industry sector about the multifarious uses and issues associated with AI.

Panel discussion:

The conference, inter alia shall be focusing on the following discussion which are also the major legal issues surrounding the industrial use of AI:

1. AI and Data Privacy

Race to be ahead of each other has already started between big data-giants and AI based businesses such as Facebook, Tencent, Baidu and Google.

These enormous data streams which are collected by these corporations and government can be utilised for the benefit of society by means of AI analysing it, finding patterns, connections and giving effective output. AI would even help Government in great governance and efficient regulatory compliances.

AI is expected to be smart police in near future which will help in detecting and fighting the latest cyber threats, attacks etc but at the same time this saviour can also be used for the wrong purposes; which can eventually bring more risks and fuel cyber crimes.

Growing concern regarding abuse of data by big corporation has caught everyone’s attention today. Why there is this sudden concern of privacy? Isn’t the data used by the State and Corporations necessary for holistic growth of the world? AI is changing all the social fabrics and equations. MORE INPUT = BETTER ANALYSIS = PERFECT OUTCOME OR BREACH OF PRIVACY???

Emergence of new concept in the system always shakes the proper functioning but does it mean entry should be banned or balance should be brought through controlled regulation? Cyber Laws are redundant and not at par with evolving technology.

Prominent task is to align the security, laws and AI in one line to achieve desired growth and progress across the globe.

2. AI as Decision Making Tool:

Artificial Intelligence has penetrated various spheres including legal arena. Can AI be put on the Judge’s Bench? AI will not only help in doing mundane task in legal fraternity but will also help in decision making; pronouncing judgment and hearing bail applications.

The use of AI in the judiciary will help in minimising the influence of extraneous factors such as weariness and emotional instability at the time of pronouncement of judgment. Though there can be threat of structural bias in the AI decision making itself, which stems from the data collected for AI training from the legal system.

One of the prominent examples is “COMPAS” AI application used in USA for predicting the likelihood of defendants committing a future crime, was racially biased against African American defendants.

The work of a good judge consists of a mix of skills including research, language, logic, creative problem solving and social skills.

Can artificial intelligence give better and appropriate judgment then human brains? In case of error in judgment can AI be made responsible or the legal system should be blamed from which data is gathered for analysis? Can Explainable AI be solution of all the decision-making issues and bring a perfect AI Judge?

Weighing this sweet and sour relationship of AI and Decision making will open the plethora of issues, which will be discussed by our panellists.

Each Panel will have two prominent speakers from the field and one moderator. Panel would comprise of academician, industrial and legal expert.

Interactive Panel discussion would be followed by Question and Answer session, where inquisitive audience can pose questions to experts.

Special lectures:

Lectures by prolific speakers on Automated vehicles &AI; Interpretation and Future of contracts and AI; Role of AI and Robotics in Justice and Law enforcement mechanism will be delivered.


IFIM Law School (Auditorium)

8 P & 9 P, KIADB Industrial Area, Electronic City Phase I, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100

Participants: Academicians, Research Scholars, Students and Industrial experts.

Registration Fee for The Conference: For Participation in International Conference- Rs. 1500. Registration Fee includes registration kit, certificate, copy of the journal, executive lunch and high-tea

Deadline for Registration: 22nd February.

Registration form to be sent on: principal.law@ifim.edu.in and cc to apoorvi.shrivastava@ifim.edu.in.

To register click here.

IFIM Law School is also conducting survey on AI & Law. Report of the survey would be published in the conference.

To participate in the survey click here.

For further details contact:

Dr. Avinash Dadhich (Conference In- charge)

IFIM Law School, Bangalore (+91 9654234118).

Important links:

The brochure is available here.

The registration form is available here.

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