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Seminar on Islam & Contemporary Legal Issues in India @JMI, New Delhi (Sep 22-23): Submit by 25th Aug

About University

Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) was established in 1920. Jamia Millia Islamia is one of the few educational institutions which came into being in response to the nationalist call of freedom struggle to boycott educational institutions supported or run by the British colonial rule. Its mentors, teacher and students played a vital role during the Indian struggle for independence. It became a Central University by an Act of Parliament in 1988.

About the Seminar

The present Consultative talk will offer listeners a firm grounding in the principles, concepts, and terminology of Islamic law, as well as its role in the contemporary era.

Through discussions of both practice and theory, as well as interactive exercises, participants will gain practical insights into the sources and constructs of a religious-based legal system, including the substantive difference between Shari’ah and jurisprudence, analysis of the Qur’an, Traditions of Prophet Muhammad, the Schools of law, differences between Shia and Sunni Islamic law, the advent and growth of Islam and modern resurgence of Islamic law and Islamic political movements.

The Council on Legal Studies, New Delhi in association with Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi is organizing a two-day National Seminar-the first of its kind in India-to address the issue of the influence of Islamic law on legal systems all around the world.

Sub-themes of Seminar

The aim of the National Seminar is to promote the exchange of knowledge and views of educationists, jurists, practicing professionals, social activists, and individuals in their areas of interest, relating to social justice and social change on the sub-themes mentioned below in the light of Islamic jurisprudence.

  • Gender Justice and Islam
  • Family Law and Islam
  • Criminal Justice System and Islam
  • Environmental Protection and Islam
  • Property Rights and Islam
  • Democracy and Islam
  • Human Rights and Islam
  • Consumerism and Islam
  • Banking Laws and Islam
  • Technology and Islam

Call for Papers & Submission Guidelines

Seminar papers are invited from the academicians, practitioners, researchers, scholars and students on the issues related to the above themes. It is also proposed that the selected papers by the Committee will be published in a special volume on the Seminar in the form of an edited book with ISBN No.

Interested authors should submit an abstract of their original research/conceptual
papers and empirical studies/case studies briefly describing objectives, methodology,
major results and its implications in about 300-350 words. The length of the full papers
shall not exceed 5000 words.

All the Abstracts and Full-length papers shall be sent on email id writetocsr@gmail.com.

Registration Procedure & Fees

Participants willing to attend the Seminar should fill the Registration Form given in the official notice below and submit it latest by the 20 September 2018.

Registration Fees:
Professionals – ₹500
Academicians – ₹350
Research Scholars – ₹ 250
Students – ₹ 200

Important Dates

Last Date for Submission of Abstracts by Post/E-mail (Softcopy): August 25, 2018
Intimation on Selection of the Abstract: August 27th, 2018
Last Date for Submission of Full Paper: September 15th, 2018

Contact Details

Dr. Faizanur Rahman, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law.
Mobile No.: +91-8348333999

For full details view the official notice by clicking here.

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