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International Journal on Consumer Law and Practice by NLSIU Volume VII: Submit by March 31

About the Journal

The Chair on Consumer Law and Practice, National Law School of Indian University, Bangalore is dedicated to provide a forum for engaging in discussions on varied issues of National and International issues on Consumer Protection Laws and henceforth, publishes an annual peer reviewed journal under its banner .

NLSIU Banglore
NLSIU Banglore

We are presently inviting contributions for International Journal on Consumer Law and Practice ISSN-2347-2731, Vol. VII, August 2019 from academicians, practitioners, students of law and allied fields in the form of Article, Research Paper, Essay, Note, Case Comment, Legislative Briefs and Book Review.

Theme/topic:  Consumer Protection Laws

Sub Themes

International Consumer Protection

Framework & Policy

Empowering Consumers

Consumer Welfare Legislations

New Age Contemporary Issues & Challenges

Enforcement of Regulatory Authorities

Consumers in Digital Era.

Consumer Protection and Mediation.

How to Submit?

1. Articles and Research Papers (6,000-8,000 words inclusive of footnotes)

2. Essay (3,000-4,000words inclusive of footnotes)

3. A Note (2,500 words inclusive of foot notes)

4. A Case Comment, Legislative Briefs (2,500-3,000words inclusive of footnotes )

5. A Book Review ( 2,000 words inclusive of footnotes)

Formatting Guidelines

The format to be followed is:

  • Title of the Paper;
  • Abstract (not exceeding 250 words)
  • Name of the Author;
  • Designation;
  • Institutional affiliation;
  • Correspondence address.

1. Co-authored papers should give full details about all the authors;

2. All the received articles/research papers are subject to Plagiarism check.

3. Article should contain a disclaimer to the effect that the submitted paper is original and is not been published or under consideration for publication elsewhere.

4. All citations shall be placed in footnotes and shall be in accordance with Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA), 4th Ed.

5. All submissions will go through an initial round of review by the editorial board and the selected pieces will subsequently be sent for peer-review before finalisation for publication.

Deadline to submit is March 31, 2019.


Email: consumerlaw@nls.ac.in

For official notification, click here

Click here or here for official notification.

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