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Azam Khan adds insult to Bulandshahr Gang Rape: Claims it could be a Political conspiracy


Samajwadi Party Leader from UP is a known Motor Mouth making such like irresponsible and bizarre statements.

Insensitive Politics over Crime
Insensitive Politics over Crime

Mohammad Azam Khan, Uttar Pradesh Cabinet Minister today gave a damning statement and created a controversy by alleging that the Highway Gang Rape of a Noida-based mother and daughter near Bulandshahr might be a “political conspiracy.”

Already infamous for his bizarre comments in the past as well, Minister said that that the investigative agencies should explore the possibility of involvement of some opposition party in the gang rape.

He justified the action taken against policemen of the District.

He added that the Government will have to keep a watch on opponents as “Opposition people can fall to any levels” in politics.

In order to get into power politicians these days can get down to any level, get people murdered, trigger riots killing innocent people, he added.

State BJP General Secretary Vijay Bahadur Pathak reacted sharply and observed that it is shameful that a senior minister is making such an outrageous statements.

BJP demanding that UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav should apologise for the this statement of his minister on a plea that if you cannot bring any succor to the victims, at least one should not add insult to it .

Eight armed Dacoits had forced the family car on the highway from Delhi towards Kanpur early on Saturday morning.

The men dragged the members to nearby sugarcane fields and Raped the teenager Girl and her 38-year-old Mother while the other members of the family were tied up.

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