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Attempt of 18 Year old Boy to click Selfie with District Magistrate in UP lands him in Jail

Jailed for Selfie with District Magistrate
Jailed for Selfie with District Magistrate

February,5,2016: An eighteen-year old Boy was sent to judicial custody for fourteen days in Uttar Pradesh for trying to click a selfie with the District Magistrate of Bulandshahr, UP.

Farad Ahmad was charged for “getting too close” to the DM B Chandrakala . He was arrested on Monday and released on bail on Thursday.

According to reports the boy, from Kamalpur village tried to take the selfie when the DM was speaking about some local issues. In fact, despite repeated warnings, Ahmad continued to get that “perfect picture“ with the DM.

Chandrakala told ANI that the boy was continuously clicking pictures, even after being told that he should take permission before taking the snaps. B Chandrakala, a renowned IAS officer in UP, said the boy was constantly clicking pictures, even after being asked not to.

The DM also said, when he was asked to delete the pics, he refused saying this is my camera, and my wish.

In 2014, Chandrakala, the 2008 batch UP cadre IAS officer became famous after she publicly pulled up civic officials and contractors for sub-standard road construction.

Expressing her shock over the reply, the IAS said everyone should take other person’s consent before taking pictures.

Chandrakala said that apart from being the district magistrate she was also a woman whose dignity must be respected.

Ahmad was put in a judicial custody for 14 days, but was later released on bail by his family in three.

The selfie obsession in India has often taken dangerous turns. According to reports Of at least 27 selfie-related deaths around the world last year, about half occurred in India.

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