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120 sitting Judges Revolt, took to Street, submit Resignation en masse from Judiciary


We cannot work under ‘Andhra Judicial Rulers’ and hence we have decided to quit en masse, pleads Judges.

Judges Protest
Judges Protest

In an unprecedented development and a clear sign of open defiance, hundreds of judges, for the first time in Country, took to streets in the city for protesting the posting of Judges of Andhra-origin to Courts in Telangana, with a staggering 120 of them even submitting their resignations.

A march was conducted by judges from Gun Park to Raj Bhavan, afterwards the  Judges submitted a representation to the Governor  ESL Narsasimhan.

This is an indication by the Judges that they are not willing to give up till their demands are met.

A separate representation was made by the Judges to President of the Telangana Judges’ Association K Ravinder Reddy urging him that he should forward their resignations to the Governor if the issue is not resolved within a week.

A Telangana Judge stated to Times of India that the protest was held by them peacefully and that their decision to protest was sudden hence everybody could not be informed otherwise all the Telengana Judges would have joined us.

The Judges alleged that Andhra Pradesh regime would try to rule Telangana through the judiciary, The Judges said that that this was the reason 126 Andhra Pradesh judges were allowed to work in Telangana.

The Telangana Judge further state that, the Telangana judges cannot work under Andhra Judicial Rulers and the Judges have decided to quit.

The Judges further in their represenatation stated that, High Court Administration was now threatening with agitating advocates and also the government orally. TNN

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