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Know why Foreigners are flocking to this Heritage Jail to “Feel the Jail”

January 29,2018:

Two Malaysian nationals flew all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Hyderabad to spend their weekend in Sangareddy Prison, where anyone can stay and experience the life of a prisoner by paying Rs 500 for a day.

Jail (Representational Image)

Telangana Prison Department runs the unique Jail Tourism Programme called “Feel The Jail” where a common man can spend 24 hours inside Sangareddy Prison, which was built during the Nizam era in 1796.

Malaysian Nationals, Ng Inn Wo, a dentist, and Ong Boon Tek, a businessman from Selangor in Kuala Lumpur, learnt about unique tourism facility online and contacted the prison officials for a stay.

Both were received by Jail Officials, and after formalities both were given prisoners clothes, blankets, mugs, plates and were then sent inside the jail.

Jail Superintendent Santosh Kumar Rai said, “Both thoroughly enjoyed their stay and kind of mesmerised with history of the jail and life of a prisoner. Till now, 47 people have experienced this unique tourism facility. We are hoping an increase in it with lot of foreigners coming in as several international news agencies and documentary makers have covered the government’s effort.”

During their 48-hour stay inside the jail they spent time doing gardening cleaning and other worked assigned to prisoners. However, they didn’t cook their meal, but relished Indian meal cooked by other inmates inside the jail.

Jail Administration charges a modest Rs 500 per person and provides pre-cooked meal while rest of the facilities are same as that of a common prisoner.

Idea of turning Heritage Jail into a tourist spot was a brain child of VK Singh, Director General of Prisons in Telangana. Jail was opened for tourists in June 2016 and since then several commoners have stayed in Sangareddy Prison.

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